CA Final New Direct Tax Laws And International Taxation Imp Resources PDFs


International Taxation: A Capsule for Quick Recap  - Click Here 
Income tax penalties - AY 2019-20 (Amended by FA 2018) - Click Here 
DT – Exercise Questions with Answers & Significant Cases - May 19 - Click here
Revisionary Test Papers - LRD Points To Remember - Click Here 
Direct Tax Vs GST Bare Act By Amit Jain - Click Here 
DT Compact For 3 Additional Topics By Bhanwar Borana - Click Here 
DT Book By CA Mehul Thakker - (Module 1) (Module 2) (Module 3) (Module 4) 
Summary Of PGBP By Satish Mangal - Click Here 
Summary Of Capital Gain By Satish Mangal - Click Here 
MCQs By Mehul Thakker - Click Here 
Summary of TDS - Click Here 
MCQs By ICAI - Click Here 
International Tax(Rate) - Click Here 
DT Sectionwise & Skillwise weightage - Click Here
Direct tax Summary book by  Dhaval Patanvadia - Click Here
DT Mcqs - Click Here 
DT Q&A - Click Here
DT MCQs by Kedar Junnarker - Click Here
DT Amendments by Vijay Sarda - Click Here 
Income From House Property - Click Here 
Income From House Property By Vijender Aggarwal - Click Here
Case Laws :
Latest Case Laws Nov 18 - Click Here
Case Laws By VG Sir - Click Here
Case Laws For Nov 18 By Vijay Sarda - Click Here
Case Laws By ICAI - Click Here
Case Laws Nov 2018 As Per ICAI Pattern By Amit Rajpurohit - Click Here
Case Laws For Nov 18 By Durgesh Singh - Click Here
Advance Tax, TDS & Return Filing Revision Charts By ICAI - Click Here 
Capital Gains, PGBP, Deductions, etc Revision Charts By ICAI - Click Here 
MCQs On Capital Gains - Click Here 
Imp Questions With Answers By ICAI - Click Here 
Imp Questions By FinApp - Click Here 
Direct Tax Power Pack Revision Material By Mehul Thakker - Click Here 
GAAR Charts By Durgesh Sir - Click Here 
PGBP Adjustments By Sourabh - Click Here 
Taxation By CA Nitin Guru - Click 
Tax of Non-Resident - Click Here 
Appeal Shortest Revision - Click Here 
MAT AMT - Click Here 
Transfer Pricing - Click Here 
Income From PGBP - Click Here 
Revision Shortest - Click Here 
Deduction - Click Here 
Nov 18 : 
DT LMR Notes & Important Topics For Nov 18 By Kalpesh Sir - Click Here 
Judicial Updates For Nov 18 - Click Here 
Statutory Updates For Nov 2018 - Click Here 
DT Revision Notes For Nov 18 By Kedar Junnarkar - Click Here 
Imp Questions For Nov 18 By Durgesh Singh - Click Here 
Power Pack Revision Material By CA Mehul Thakker For Nov 2018 - Click Here 
Income tax Penalties py19-20 -Click Here 
Income tax recap - Click Here 
Income Tax Capsule Recap - Click Here 
Income Tax Amendment by Mehul Thakkar - Click Here 
Vijay Sarda:- 
   Search and Seizure - Click Here 
   MAT AMT - Click Here 
  Revision Shortest Note - Click Here 
  Appeal Shortest Note - Click Here 
Durgesh Singh:-   
  MCQ 1 - Click Here 
  MCQ (1) - Click Here 
Chapter 2  MCQ 2 - Click Here 
Chapter 3
MCQ - Click Here
MCQ - Click Here
MCQ - Click Here
MCQ - Click Here
MCQ - Click Here
Chapter  4 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter  5 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter  6 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter  7 MCQ 1 - Click Here   |MCQ 2 - Click Here
Chapter  8 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter  9 MCQ 1 - Click Here     |MCQ 2 - Click Here
Chapter 10 MCQ 1 - Click Here    | MCQ 2 - Click Here
Chapter 11 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter 12 MCQ - Click Here
Chapter 13 MCQ - Click Here
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