CA Final SFM New Syllabus Section Wise Weightage for May 20

Strategic Financial Management

 Contents Weightage
  • Financial Policy and Corporate Strategy(Strategic decision making framework/ Interface of Financial Policy and strategic management/ Balancing financial goals vis-à-vis sustainable growth)
  • Indian Financial System (Introduction to Financial Market/ Role of Financial Market in Economic Development)
  • Risk Management  (Identification of types of Risk faced by an organisation/ Evaluation of Financial Risks /Value at Risk (VAR)/ Evaluation of appropriate method for the identification and management of financial risk)
  • Security Analysis (Fundamental Analysis/Technical Analysis)
  • Security Valuation (Theory of Valuation/ Role of Financial Market in Economic Development/ Return Concepts/Equity Risk Premium /Required Return on Equity/ Discount Rate Selection in Relation to Cash Flows/ Approaches to Valuation of Equity Share/Valuation of Preference Shares/Valuation of Debentures/ Bonds)
  • Portfolio Management (Portfolio Analysis/ Portfolio Selection/ Capital Market Theory/Portfolio Revision/Portfolio Evaluation/Asset Allocation/ Fixed Income Portfolio/ Risk Analysis of Investment in Distressed Securities/Alternative Investment Strategies in context of Portfolio Management)
  • Securitization (Introduction/ Concept and Definition/ Benefits of Securitization/ Participants in Securitization/ Mechanism of Securitization/ Problems in Securitization/ Securitization Instruments/ Pricing of Securitization Instruments/  Securitization in India
  • Mutual Funds (Meaning/ Evolution/ Types/ Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Fund)
  • Derivatives Analysis and Valuation (Forward/ Future Contract/ Options/ Swaps/ Commodity Derivatives)
  • Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management (Exchange rate determination/ Foreign currency market/ Management of transaction, translation and economic exposures/ Hedging currency risk/Foreign exchange derivatives – Forward, futures, options and swaps)
  • International Financial Management (International Capital Budgeting/ International Working Capital Management
  • Interest Rate Risk Management (Interest Rate Risk/ Hedging Interest Rate Risk)
  • Corporate Valuation (Conceptual Framework of Valuation/ Approaches/ Methods of Valuation)
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring (Conceptual Framework/ Rationale/ Forms/ Mergers and Acquisitions/ Divestitures/ Ownership Restructuring/Cross Border Mergers)
  • International Financial Centre (IFC) (Constituents of IFC/ Islamic Finance)
  • Startup Finance (Introduction including Pitch Presentation/ Sources of Funding/ Start up India Initiative)
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (Introduction: Market Size, Employment Generation and Contribution to GDP/Financing: Expansion of SMEs/Listing SMEs)
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