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CA G Saimukundhan is one of the renowned faculty in the field of finance. CA G Saimukundhan has CA degrees. CA G Saimukundhan has been in the field of teaching for a number of years.

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Financial reporting | demo class AS 26 - Example to differentiate between Research vs Development Change in AS 21 - Applicability of CFS Computation of Weighted Average Cost of Capital
AS 10 - Exchange of assets and impact on recognition of new asset AS 26 - Capitalisation Guidelines for Intangible Assets AS 26 - Conditions for Capitalising Development Expenditure AS 26 - Amortisation of Intangible Assets
AS 21 - Approach for Solving Consolidation Sums in CA Final Accounting Exam AS 10 - Revaluation reserve AS 21 - Holding Subsidiary AS 26 - What is an Intangible asset


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