CA Inter Audit Last Day Revision Strategy by CA Ravi Taori Sir

CA Inter Audit Last Day Study Plan

After your Advanced Account Paper : 

🚿😴 Freshn-up, have food and go for short nap

📖 Try to start studying by 7 pm, it may vary little bit its fine, you may sleep late then

🔖 Follow 2 day plan, don’t get pressurised, try to come in rhythm with cool mind, don’t go in detail and don’t just give overview, keep things balanced

🤓1st Cover Concepts & then Qs, if there is less time jump on Qs or material you are comfortable with. You can watch fast chapterwsie fadu video, or watch imp concepts fadu with more explanation (increase speed to 1.5) we have given link chapterwise below with timings

😇And then cover IMP Qs

Try to cover things on your own, if you are not getting speed or rhythm watch videos

Get All Revision Video, Pdfs, MCQs, ABC Analysis etc..Compiled at one place :