CA Inter Financial Management Imp PDFs


Initial Pages
Chapter 1: Scope and Objectives of Financial Management
Chapter 2: Types of Financing
Chapter 3: Financial Analysis and Planning - Ratio Analysis
Chapter 4: Cost of Capital
Chapter 5: Financing Decisions - Capital Structure
Chapter 6: Financing Decisions - Leverages
Appendix - Financial Tables


Initial Pages
Chapter 7: Investment Decisions
Chapter 8: Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting
Chapter 9: Lease Financing
Chapter 10: Dividend Decisions
Chapter 11: Management of Working Capital
Unit I: Introduction to Working Capital Management
Unit II: Treasury and Cash Management
Unit III: Management of Inventory
Unit IV: Management of Receivables
Unit V: Management of Payables (Creditors)
Unit VI: Financing of Working Capital
Appendix - Financial Tables

CA Inter | Economics | Paper 8 | Revision Videos by CA Mayank Kothar - Click Here
Public Finance By Mayank Kothari - Click Here
Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting - Click Here
Management of Working Capital - Click Here
Leasing Decisions - Click Here
Cost of Capital - Click Here
Financing Decisions - Leverages - Click Here
Dividend Policy - Click Here
Investment Decisions - Click Here
Scope and Objectives of Financial Management - Click Here
Financing Decisions-Capital Structure - Click Here
Financial Analysis & Planning - Click Here
FM past year que compilation - Click Here
FM Capsule for Quick Revision - Click Here
FM Guess Question by Krishna Korada - Click Here
Cost of capital by Rahul Garg - Click Here
FM Chart by Mayank Kothari - Click Here
FM Formula by Ramachandra Rao - Click Here


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