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Introduction to Risk Management: Click Here

Mock Test Paper:

Aug 18 : Question Paper | Suggested Answers
Mar 19 : Question Paper I Suggested Answers

Revision Test Paper : May 18

Case Study by ICAI

Case Study 1:    Questions I Answers
Case Study 2:   Questions I Answers
Case Study 3:  Questions I Answers

Study Materials

Chapter 1: Introduction to Risk I Chapter 2: Source and Evaluation of Risks I Chapter 3: Risk Management I Chapter 4: Quantitative Analysis I Chapter 5: Risk Model I Chapter 6: Credit Risk Measurement and Management I Chapter 7: Risk associated with Corporate Governance I Chapter 8: Enterprise Risk Management I Chapter 9: Operational Risk Management

Question Papers   

May 2018 | November 2018 I May 2019

Suggested Answers

May 2018 I Novemeber 2018 I May 2019



Important Questions by ICAI : Click Here

Revision Charts by Mayank Kothari : Click Here

Value Risk Practice QuestionsClick Here

Introduction to MCQ Chapter 1 : Click Here

Risk Management MCQ 1 : Click Here

Risk Management MCQ 2 : Click Here

Risk Management MCQ 3 & Case Studies : Click Here

Value Risk MCQ : Click Here

Risk Management MCQ : Click Here

Risk Management 300 MCQ : Click Here

Misc MCQ Risk Management : Click Here

Principles of RM MCQ & Case Studies : Click Here

Risk Management Contents Table Format: Click Here

Risk Management Alpha Sheet : Click Here

Risk Management Case Studies By Sanjay Saraf : Click Here

Risk Management Risk Models Handout By Sanjay Saraf : Click Here

Risk Management Handout By ICAI : Click Here

Governance Risk Management Compilance : Click Here

Corporate Governance in Risk Management : Click Here

Operational Risk Management : Click Here

Value Risk Management Explanation : Click Here

Enterprise Risk Management Case Studies With Answers : Click Here

Additional Case Studies Scenario Based : Click Here

Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting : Click Here

Evaluation of Risk Manangement Strategies Extracts : Click Here

Risk Management & SM : Click Here

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