CA Inter Auditing And Assurance Imp PDFs

MCQs By ICAI Part 1 | Part 2
Audit MCQs (800+) - CA Nitin Gupta: Click Here
Auditing and Assurance - Practice Manual Cum Scanner By CA Pankaj Garg: Click Here
Standards On Auditing By CA Abhishek Bansal: Click Here
Compilation of Suggested Answers to Questions for Auditing and Assurance: Click Here
Audit by VEE Academy - Click Here
Course Material by Master Mind - Click Here
Audit by Finapp - Click Here
Section wise notes by B2F - Click Here

Audit section wise - Click Here

Audit Question Bank - Click Here 
Mcqs by Vineet Mishra - Click Here 
Audit by Nitin - Click Here
Audit MCQs by JK SHAH - Click Here 
Audit by Mastermind - Click Here 
RTP by Siddharth Agarwal - Click Here 
Audit(MCQs) by Nikhil - Click Here
Audit by Nikhil Gupta - Click Here 
Announcement for Nov 19 - Click Here

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