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CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is a Chartered Accountant, PhD degree holder in Management of Taxation, and has completed his B.Com,, MBA in Finance, CCA, CFM, ADFM, DBA in Auditing and LLB (p). As a Professor CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is one such personality who has Ten Academic degree with the title of Memory Guru & Master Mind. In fact he is the only Professor in the field who uses Mnemonics and Memory techniques while teaching. 

Pdf Notes:-

 Mock test for may-20 (IDT) Answer sheet of mock test paper Integrated MCQ ABC Analysis
IDT Amendments Nov-19 IDT Amendments May-20 Case Study 1 Final IDT ABC Analysis
Hand Written Notes- LDR classification rules customs act 1962 Nov-19 Types of duties customs act 1962 Nov-19 Basics Customs act 1962  Nov-19
Classification Exam Oriented Book Vol 1 Exam Oriented Book Vol 2 Amendments & Statutory May-19 updated
Foreign trade policy May-19 LDR NOTES IDT Question Bank IDT MCQs


Important Video Lectures:-

 Supply Under GST 1 May-20 Supply Under GST 2 May-20 Supply Under GST 3 May-20 Revision of Appeals & Revision Under GST 
Refund Under GST

Revision of Offence & Penalties May-20

Revision of Value of Supply Under GST Revision of Refund
Revision of Input Tax Credit May-20 Amendments of Indirect Tax May-20  Charges to GST, RCM & Composition Scheme May-20 Revision of Registration
Revision of Custom ACT & FTP

CA Final Video Lectures:-

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