CA Nikhil Jobanputra - CA Final SFM

With over 14 years experience in providing professional training to CA Students, CA Nikhil Jobanputra is one of the best choice if you are looking ahead to get the best for your CA attempt.
His expertise lies in teaching CA & CMA Final students. He has coached over 30,000 students across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. With his core strength lying in Strategic Financial Management, Financial Reporting, IFRS & Indian Accounting Standards, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting; he teaches in holistic manner, giving his students exposure to the best of his experience and knowledge.

IMP PDFs By The Faculty:

Forex LMR
Portfolio LMR


Imp Video Lectures By The Faculty For CA Final SFM:

Forex Economic Value Added Time Value of Option Option Valuation
Leasing Decisions - Lecture 2 Leasing Decisions - Lecture 1  Forex Important Questions  Risk Management (Part 2) (English) 
Bond Valuation Basics (English) Securitization (English) Options Basics (English)  Share Valuation (Important Questions) 
Yield Curve and FRA  Derivatives - Arbitrage through Futures  Nostro Account Transactions (Forex) Portfolio Composition 


CA Final New SFM Video Lectures By The Faculty:

SFM Video Lectures, CA Nikhil Jobanputra
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