CA Final Financial Reporting Resources by CA Sarthak Jain

CA Sarthak Jain is a Chartered Accountant with All India 46th Rank in CA Final. He teaches CA Final FR, Audit and CA Inter Audit. Thousands of his students have tasted success in CA exams in the very first attempt itself with alumni of 10000+ students taught till date from different parts of the nation. He is especially recognized across India as a master of Accounting Standards.

CA Final Financial Reporting Notes

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May 17 Paper

Nov'19 Question Paper

ICAI Study Material Changes

SM chain holding question

Practice Questions

AS - 20

AS - 22

Schedule 3 Amendments

Brahmastra_Purchase Consideration

Brahmastra- Pre Post

May'19 (New) Question Paper

Schedule 3 Chart

May'19 (Old) Question Paper

MTP Analysis

Nov-19 Update

Questions Paper

700 Series New applicable May-18 onwards

CA Sarthak Jain FI

Conso revision 1

QA Revision

Consolidation revision 2

Fast Brahmastra PC Solution All Question

FR Amendments May Nov-17

IndAS-20 DC by CA Sarthak Jain

FR Brahmastra Ind AS 109 Initial Pages

FR Companion by SJ Extract Chain Holding

FR Faster SCH3

Ind AS Final Revision

FR Old Course Paper

FR Valuation File-2

FR Valuation File-3

Ind AS-116 ICAI SM Question Edited

Helicopter View CFS


Ind AS-115

Illustrations & Questions


CA Final Financial Reporting Imp Videos 

 CA Final Nov 2019 Suggested Answer Questioned  IndAS 116 Leases by CA Sarthak Jain | Lecture 1 Part2 IND AS 116 LEASES BY CA SARTHAK JAIN | Lecture 1 Part 1 Confused Handling Syllabus Changes? We have Cracked out the way!
CA FINAL FR NEW STUDY MATERIAL AMENDMENTS by ICAI (Applicable from May2020) CA FINAL FR NEW COURSE CHAIN HOLDING in Consolidation (FASTER Batch Video) By CA Sarthak Jain Part-1 CA FINAL FR NEW COURSE CHAIN HOLDING in Consolidation (FASTER Batch Video) By CA Sarthak Jain Part-2 CA FINAL Amendments for Nov 19 and RTP (FR and Audit) By CA Sarthak Jain
FR - New Course Important Topics for Nov19 & Revised Marks Weightage CA May 2019 Result Date and Nov19 Amendments by CA Sarthak Jain ICAI Announcement - COURSE MODIFICATION #24JUNE 2019 CA FINAL NEW COURSE BY CA SARTHAK JAIN CA Final FR May2019 Must Watch - Quick recap - All amendments from 2017 to 2019 by CA Sarthak Jain
IND AS Revision Bullet 2020 MTP Nov2020 - Complete Discussion


CA Final Financial Reporting Video Lectures

Financial Reporting Video Lectures, CA Sarthak Jain

All Video Lectures In One Place:-

All Video Lectures In One Place, CA Sarthak Jain

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