CA Satish Jalan - CA Final Costing (SCMPE)

Satish Jalan is a CA, CS,CMA and one the best teachers of Cost Accounting and Strategic Financial Management in the country. In order to pursue his passion for teaching, he founded SJC Institute in Kolkata, spreading his wealth of knowledge among fellow CA aspirants.
Since it's inception in 2007, SJC Institute is fast spreading its student network in multiple cities across India through Video Franchisees and Offline Pen Drive Classes. 

IMP Notes by CA Satish Jalan Sir: 

Divya Jadi Booti Supplements:

Elective Paper - 6B - FSCM: Click Here

Correction In Workbook 

(Refer Links in the Table Below)
 Activity Based Costing Budgeting and Budgetary Control CVP Analysis Key Factors
Learning Curve Theory Linear Programming Make or Buy Decision Other Areas of Decision Making
Pricing Strategies Relevant Costing Standard Costing Strategic Analysis of Operating Income
Subcontracting Target Costing Total Quality Management and Innovation Transfer Pricing

Imp Video by CA Satish Jalan Sir

SCM Updates-May20-Part -1 SCM Updates-May20-Part -2 The famous story of Dantzig Types of Maintenance Kanban
Kaizen Costing - Continous Improvement Types of Cost Drivers Limitation of Learning Curve Theory  Gain Sharing Arrangements Key Business Process in Supply 
Traditional Costing vs Life Cycle Costing Life ka Variance SCM Batch 20B Introduction Approaches for Working Capital Financing Absorption Costing vs ABC
Cellular Manufacturing CA Final SCM RTP May 20 CA Final SCM RTP May 20 CA Final SCM RTP May 20 Three States of Life 


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CA Final New Video Lectures, CA Satish Jalan


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CA Final Old Video Lectures, CA Satish Jalan


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All  Video Lectures & Books, CA Satish Jalan


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