CA Yashvant Mangal Activation Process


  • For Link & Serial Key- You will receive a mail from on Your Registered Email ID.
  • For Tracking Details- You will received a WhatsApp message on Your Registered Mobile Number.


For Laptop:

1. Create a Folder Name- IDT (Other than C drive, if u have only C drive then u can create in C drive)
2. Then Download all the software(Content browse, Video player, K lite codec etc.) and cut from the downloads and paste in IDT Folder
3. Then Make a another folder(Name- Lectures) in IDT folder
4. Download the encrypted lecture from GD link and paste in Lecture folder
5. Then open content browser and fill the details and active it

For Android:

1. Install the app and click on add subject
2. Fill the details
3. After that download the lecture(other than open lecture) and open file manager and move the lecture from the download and paste in the folder 📂which is mention in the ymconcepts which is auto created in the internal storage, then Run the app.

Technical Help-


Email at