CFA Kunal Doshi - CA Final SFM

Kunal Doshi is a Chartered Financial Analyst from CFA Institute, USA and also from ICFAI, Hyderabad along with Advanced Diploma in Finance. He has an industry experience of more than 5 years having worked with J. P.Morgan, Dalal & Broacha and SBICAP Securities in the field of research and advisory of financial products like Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, IPOs,Commodities and Currencies.
A financial planner, practitioner and a regular visiting faculty at colleges & institutes, he has also been in the GD/PI Panels of JBIMS, MET, etc. In last 6 Years, he has been teaching at various institutes for the courses of Chartered Accountancy, Chartered Financial Analyst, Company Secretary and other graduation courses of Mumbai University, Warwick Business School, UK etc. He has helped organisations in their Training Programs for financial planning and conducted Career-Solution Workshops for institutions & trusts to help students across communities.

Imp Video Lectures By The Faculty

 Q.1- Portfolio Re-balancing Strategies - Buy & Hold/Constant Mix/CPPI Q.2 - International Financial Management Issue of Equity & Bond Redemption Q.3 - Derivatives/Indian Capital Market - Forward Rate Agreement vs Interest Rate Options Q.4 - Mutual Funds - The concept of Dividend Equalisation
Q.5 - Foreign Exchange Risk Management - Swaps Currency Hedge Q.6 - Derivatives/ Indian Capital Market - Equity Swap Q.7 - Forex Risk Management - Forwards Cancellation Q.8 - Interest rate risk management - FRAs vs Futures
Q.9 - Corporate Valuation - FCFF & FCFE Q.10 - Derivatives - Futures Margin - The 3 Standard Deviation or the 3 Sigma Rule Q.11 - Mutual Funds - Calculation of Net Asset Value & Returns for Investor Q.12 - International Financial Management - Nominal & Real Cash Flows (African Rand)


CA Final New SFM Video Lectures By The Faculty

CFA Kunal Doshi, CA Final New SFM Video Lectures

CA Final Old SFM Video Lectures By The Faculty

CA Final Old SFM Video Lectures, CFA Kunal Doshi
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