Paper 1- Financial Reporting

FR is the first paper in CA Final Level. Accounting is one of the core subjects in the Chartered Accountancy course. The significance of the subject is that at every level of CA course we have a paper on Accounting. The aim of the paper on ‘Financial Reporting’ is to gain comprehensive understanding of all aspects relating to financial reporting practices and have an advanced knowledge of the same.

Latest Amendment Videos of FR for May 19 Exams by Best Faculties is available.

Part- 1 (New)  Part- 2 (New) IND AS 116 (New)
CA Parveen Jindal


Chain Holding (New)  IND AS 115 (New/Old) - 1 IND AS 115 (New/Old) - 2
CA Sarthak Jain


New Syllabus  Old Syllabus RTP For May 19
CA P.S. Beniwal