What are the Exam Requirements for FRM Certification?

  • Pass the FRM Exam Part I
  • Pass the FRM Exam Part II within 4 years of passing the FRM Exam Part I
  • Demonstrate 2 years of professional full-time financial risk management work experience

A candidate demonstrates work experience by submitting a minimum of 4-5 sentences describing his/her professional role in the management of financial risk. The application to submit your work experience can be completed online. The work experience submitted cannot be more than 10 years prior to having passed the FRM Exam Part II. Experience completed during school will not be considered, including internships, part-time jobs, or student teaching. A candidate has 5 years to submit their work experience after they sat and passed the FRM Exam Part II. If they do not, the candidate will have to re-enroll in the program as a new candidate, pay the required fees and retake the FRM Exam Part I and FRM Exam Part II.

Candidates cannot use the FRM designation after their name in any manner until they have been certified.

How much time do I have to complete the FRM Certification process?

Once a candidate passes the FRM Exam Part I, they must then pass the FRM Exam Part II within 4 years. Candidates have 5 years from the date they sat and passed the FRM Exam Part II to have their work experience verified.

How do I receive my FRM certificate?

Once you receive an email notification that you passed the FRM Exam Part II, you will need to submit your two-years of professional full time work experience to the dashboard in your account under “My Programs”. We require at least 4-5 sentences that describe how you manage financial risk in your day-to-day job function. This should include a minimum of 300 words in your job description.

Important: You have 5 years from the date you sat and passed the FRM Exam Part II to submit your CV/Resume to GARP to verify your professional experience. If you fail to submit your CV/Resume within the 5 year time frame, you will have to retake the FRM Exam and re-enroll in the program as a new candidate.

2020 Certificate Distribution Schedule

Certificates are sent out in the first week of every month for all experience submissions approved the month prior. For example, a candidate whose experience is approved on January 15, 2020 would have their certificate sent out in the first week of February 2020.

For members that have lost their certificate or wish to request another certificate, you can log into “My Programs” and click on request a copy certificate. There is a $100 replacement fee payable upon your request.

How to use the FRM Designation:

  • After your name in written correspondence and/or as part of your email signature
  • After your name on business cards, letterheads and/or name plates
  • As an identifier in resumes, curriculum vitaes, biographies, personal statements and/or published articles
  • Opt-in to the Certified FRM Directory; a searchable registry and community of only Certified FRMs and Certified ERPs.

Proper Usage of the FRM Designation

The FRM designation adds significant value to your credentials. Having earned the FRM certification, you are eligible and encouraged to acknowledge your achievement by using the certification designation on your business cards and where appropriate in your business activities.

The FRM Designation should only be used as follows:

  • FRM
  • Certified FRM
  • Financial Risk Manager - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

If you are a dual Certified ERP and Certified FRM - how to use both designations

  • FRM, ERP
  • Certified FRM, Certified ERP
  • Financial Risk Manager & Energy Risk Professional - Certified by the Global Association of Risk Professionals

Digital Badge

As a Certified FRM, you can increase the visibility of your FRM by placing the digital badge on your favorite professional or social networks, a blog, or website. Wherever you choose to place your badge, the information (image as shown below) will be displayed to validate your achievement. By displaying this digital badge, potential employers, recruiters, and other contacts will immediately recognize your skills and achievement.



What is the FRM Committee?

The FRM Committee is a select group of risk management experts from around the world. Committee members represent all aspects of financial risk management and possess an expertise in one or more risk management disciplines. Current members include practitioners in:

  • Academia
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate
  • Credit, Operational, and Market Risk
  • Emerging Markets
  • Insurance
  • Legal and Regulatory Practices
  • Rating Agencies
  • Quantitative Disciplines

What does the FRM Committee do?

The FRM Committee plays a vital role in preparing the FRM Exam. The Exam topics and their respective weightings are reviewed yearly to ensure the FRM Exam is kept timely and relevant.

Who is on the FRM Committee?

  • René Stulz - Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics, The Ohio State University
  • Richard Apostolik - President and CEO, Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • Michelle McCarthy Beck - SMD, Chief Risk Officer, TIAA Financial Solutions
  • Richard Brandt - MD, Operational Risk Management, Citigroup
  • Julian Chen, FRM - SVP, FRM Program Manager, Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • Christopher Donohue - MD, GARP Benchmarking Initiative, Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • Donald Edgar, FRM - MD, Risk & Quantitative Analysis, BlackRock
  • Hervé Geny - Group Head of Internal Audit, London Stock Exchange Group
  • Keith Isaac, FRM - VP, Capital Markets Risk Management, TD Bank Group
  • William May - SVP, Global Head of Certifications and Educational Programs, Global Association of Risk Professionals
  • Attilio Meucci, CFA - Founder, ARPM
  • Victor Ng, CFA - MD, Chief Risk Architect, Market Risk Management and Analysis, Goldman Sachs
  • Matthew Pritsker - Senior Financial Economist and Policy Advisor / Supervision, Regulation, and Credit, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  • Samantha Roberts, FRM - SVP, Balance Sheet Analytics & Modeling, PNC Bank
  • Til Schuermann - Partner, Oliver Wyman
  • Nick Strange, FCA - Director, Supervisory Risk Specialists, Prudential Regulation Authority, Bank of England
  • Sverrir Þorvaldsson, FRM - Senior Quant, SEB