FRM Part 1 Study Notes By AnalystPrer

Revise Anywhere – On the Train or Subway to Work!

A favorite among FRM candidates in recent years, AnalystPrep’s FRM part I study notes are a key part of your preparation for the exam.  Our FRM books summaries – organised by chapters – have been designed with input from candidates to help you revise efficiently. They are suitable for first-time sitters as well as retakers aiming to grasp all key concepts that form the basis of the FRM exam.

The FRM part I study notes reflect learning objectives as outlined in the examiner’s (GARP’s) curriculum guide. Not a single objective is left out. Absorbing the FRM curriculum is no simple task. We have summarized all the important concepts to enable you to revise quickly at home, in the office, or even on the go.

Study Notes plus Question Bank – The Perfect Complements:

To successfully answer questions in the question bank, you have to read your notes first, and then read again! Work experience helps, but it’s by itself not enough to enable you to crack the exam.

Study notes from the basis of the live exam. They introduce all the key concepts and terminologies you will encounter in the exam and beyond.

The notes are integrated with invaluable exam tips, short questions to develop your bookwork knowledge, and relevant mock exam questions with concise solutions.

  • Study efficiently with our mobile-friendly digital platform
  • Review key formulas anytime, anywhere
  • Interact with our instructors to clear your doubts in real time
  • Use end-of-chapter questions to gauge your progress