Develop management accounting techniques to help you support businesses to plan, control and monitor performance. You'll learn different ways of managing finance within an organisation with the aim of enhancing business performance.


Tackling the exam
Section A (70 marks) Section B (30 marks)
  • 35 objective test (OT) questions,
    each worth 2 marks
  • There will be 3 MTQ’s in this section
    each worth 10 marks. Each MTQ will
    examine budgeting, standard costing and
    performance management syllabus areas.
What's MA about, steps to success and tackling the exam:
  • Intro


The syllabus and study guide is designed to help with planning study and to provide detailed information on what could be assessed in any examination session.

Download the syllabus and study guides below.

 Management Accounting - syllabus and study guide Applicable From September 2023
Management Accounting - syllabus and study guide September | MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (MA)



  1. ACCA Paper F2 Management accounting - Free ebook 
  2. ACCA Paper F2 Management Accounting
  3. FIA FMA, ACCA paper F2 : management accounting : interactive text
  4. ACCA F2 Management Accounting: F2 (Acca Key Study Text)
  5. ACCA F2 Study Text Management Accounting
  6. ACCA F2 - Management Accounting - Interactive Text
  7. ACCA F2 - Management Accounting - Practice and Revision Kit
  8. ACCA - F2 Management Accounting: Study Text
  9. ACCA Paper F2 Management Accounting -
  10. ACCA F2 Management Accounting
  11. Paper F2 Management accounting Essential text
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