Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Foundation - Paper 2 - Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting - PART 2 - BUSINESS CORRESPONDENCE AND REPORTING - Chapter 2: VOCABULARY - For Practice relevant for Dec 22 and May/June 23 Examinations

Q:1 Select the correct meaning of the idioms/phrases given below

Q:1.1 Bone of contention

  1. Area of agreement
  2. Of least importance
  3. Subject of dispute
  4. To be cautious

Answer: 3

Q:1.2 To rule the roost

  1. To dominate
  2. To like eating chicken
  3. To be unsure
  4. To be lazy

Answer: 1

Q:1.3 To grease the palm

  1. To eat butter
  2. To offer bribe
  3. To swim in deep sea
  4. To be in deep thought

Answer: 2

Q:1.4 Storm in a teacup

  1. Crave for something
  2. Drink tea often
  3. Get in to quarrels
  4. Make a big issue out of a small thing

Answer: 4

Q:1.5 A far cry

  1. Shout loudly
  2. To break silence
  3. Disappoint
  4. Very different

Answer: 4

Q:2 Select the suitable substitute for the word in italics in the sentences given below. Ensure that the meaning of the sentence does not change.

Q:2.1 Lack of education has retarded the nation’s progress.

  1. degraded
  2. improved
  3. slackened
  4. confined

Answer: 3

Q:2.2 The cream offers blemish free skin results.

  1. oil free
  2. flawless
  3. colored
  4. smiling

Answer: 2

Q:2.3 Seeing the artist work with such finesse, the crowd cheered.

  1. Expertise
  2. casually
  3. authority
  4. unwillingness

Answer: 3

Q:2.4 His parents were adamant about not sending their son for a two-day trip.

  1. poor
  2. inflexible
  3. willing
  4. unfavorable

Answer: 2

Q:2.5 Finishing the ten-page home work in two days is a tedious job.

  1. easy
  2. common
  3. tough
  4. boring

Answer: 3

Q:3 Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option.

Q:3.1 Of the two new workers, one is experienced, while the other is a ----------.

  1. renegade
  2. novice
  3. robust
  4. witty

Answer: 2

Q:3.2 The --------data collected is not helpful in any way to reach a conclusion.

  1. average
  2. flexible
  3. erratic
  4. commendable

Answer: 3

Q:3.3 The --------rainfall in desert regions has led to a risk of famine.

  1. worthy
  2. scanty
  3. expensive
  4. abundant

Answer: 2

Q:3.4 To --------a secret is no less than crime than lying.

  1. divulge
  2. forget
  3. hide
  4. attach

Answer: 1

Q:3.5 The rich businessman has donated a --------amount from his savings.

  1. colossal
  2. agrarian
  3. ultimate
  4. cowardly

Answer: 1

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