Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Intermediate - Paper 7 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - PART 2 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS - Chapter 5: CORE BANKING SYSTEMS - For Practice relevant for Dec 22 and May/June 23 Examinations

Q:1 Given below are the features of Core Banking Solution recently implemented by GNI Bank that prove advantageous to both the bank and its customers. Which among the following advantages would relate the most to Mr. Doshi who has recently availed a housing loan in terms of easy and effortless Internet banking?

  1. Reliance on transaction balancing
  2. Highly dependent system-based controls
  3. Daily, half yearly and annual closing
  4. Automatic processing of standing instructions

Answer: 4

Q:2 GNI Bank during this stage of the loan processing of Mr. Doshi, checks the borrower’s ability to repay the loan based on an analysis of his credit history, and his earning capacity. This process which forms a major aspect in loan approvals is referred to as _________.

  1. Clearing
  2. Underwriting
  3. Collections
  4. Letter of Credit

Answer: 2

Q:3 GNI bank has also implemented necessary controls to ensure safeguards against the exposure to IT risks. As a practice, whenever a connection is made to website in another network, it will be routed through a particular server. Which among the servers would be utilized for making connections with other network services?

  1. Web Server
  2. Application Server
  3. Proxy Server
  4. Database Server

Answer: 3

Q:4 GSI Bank has also implemented necessary controls to ensure safeguards against the exposure to IT risks. Which among the following controls could be implemented when risk arises due to lack or inadequate management direction and commitment to protect information assets?

  1. The identity of users is authenticated to the systems through passwords.
  2. Security policies are established and management monitors compliance with policies.
  3. Access to sensitive data is logged and the logs are regularly reviewed by management.
  4. Physical access restrictions are implemented and administered.

Answer: 2

Q:5 In Core banking Systems, a server is a computer that offers a ___________ computer network service to allow clients to make indirect network connections to other network services.

  1. ATM
  2. Network
  3. Proxy
  4. Internet Banking

Answer: 3

Q:6 What is the full form of CBS?

  1. Core Banking System
  2. Core Banking Solution
  3. Core Banking Software
  4. Core Banking Service

Answer: 1

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