Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Intermediate - Paper 1 - COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION TO COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING - For Practice relevant for May/November 23 Examinations


Q1. Which of the following is true about Cost control:

  1. It is a corrective function
  2. It challenges the set standards
  3. It ends when targets achieved
  4. It is concerned with future

Answer: 3

Q2. Processes Costing method is suitable for

  1. Transport sector
  2. Chemical industries
  3. Dam construction
  4. Furniture making

Answer: 2

Q3. The advantage of using IT in Cost Accounting does not include:

  1. Integration of various functions
  2. Stock needs to be reconciled with Goods Received Note
  3. Reduction in multicity of documents
  4. Customised reports can be prepared.

Answer: 2

Q4. A Ltd. has three production department, and each department has two machines, which of the following cannot be treated as cost centre for cost allocation:

  1. Machines under the production department
  2. Production departments
  3. Both Production department and machines
  4. A Ltd. 

Answer: 4

Q5. Which of the following is an example of functional classification of cost:

  1. Semi-variable Costs
  2. Fixed Cost
  3. Administrative Overheads
  4. Indirect Overheads.

Answer: 3

Q6. Ticket counter in a Railway Station is an example of

  1. Cost Centre
  2. Revenue Centre
  3. Profit Centre
  4. Investment Centre

Answer: 2


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