What are the requirements for GARP Individual Membership? Is there an application process?

There is no application process for becoming a member of the GARP community; all that is required is a professional interest in financial risk management. You need to only register and, if you choose paid membership (Individual/Student), to pay the appropriate membership fee.

What are the requirements for Student Membership? How long can I be a Student Member?

Student Membership is reserved for those who are enrolled in a full time program at a recognized academic institution. GARP does not require you to provide proof of matriculation at the point of registration, but does ask you to provide an email contact for your faculty advisor/professor in case your registration is audited. Because most student members of GARP are post-graduate students, Student Membership is allowed for only two one-year terms. Any exceptions require approval of the Head of Membership.

How are the benefits of Individual and Student Membership different?

The right to vote in GARP elections is reserved for Individual Members; all other benefits are the same for Individual and Student Members. Click here for a complete list of benefits.

What is a GARP Affiliate?

GARP Affiliates are participants of the GARP community who do not pay membership fees and, thus, do not have access to the premium features and benefits created/coordinated by GARP for paying members. Affiliates are valued associates of the GARP community, and are welcome to participate in Chapter meetings and other GARP events, contribute content, and partake of non-premium benefits provided by GARP.

How long is the membership term?

The term of paid membership (Individual or Student Member) is 12 months, starting on the date your membership fees are paid, or the date you are registered for complimentary membership as an FRM/ERP candidate. Affiliates do not pay membership fees, so there is no term associated with their record.

How do I renew my membership?

If you are enrolled in the automatic renewal service, your membership will renew automatically, provided the credit card you last used is still active/current. You can also renew directly from your GARP account.

What happens if I let my Individual/Student Membership lapse?

If you do not renew your membership, it will become inactive, and your access to premium benefits will expire. You will be given the same access that is held by a GARP Affiliate until you reinstate your membership.

Where can I find more information about my membership?

For more detailed information about GARP membership and member benefits, please refer to the GARP Membership Handbook.