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Course Overview

Investment Banking courses with certification is the most sought after training course in the Finance domain today. This module has been designed by Subject Matter Experts to equip students with Ms Excel Course covering over 30 Formulas, Company Valuation course with Relative Valuation Method, Financial Modeling course on Excel, Company Profiling course with 1 Page Template/Format. With real-life examples from the Industry, our online course gives the candidate immense exposure to understand how to go ahead and make assumptions and prepare a dynamic model to make precise business decisions.

This course will provide Soft Copy based case studies which will give insights into building complex dynamic models in MS Excel using amazing formulas in order to maintain the dynamic nature of the model. Conducting Scenario Analysis, Ratio Analysis through the use of mesmerizing charts using Developer tab etc. will give the presenter of such projects an edge over his competitors.

For Whom?

All finance professionals and students who want to learn from the best institute for online training in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune etc. Every person who wants have Investment Banking job/career and work at the biggest companies in will benefit from this course.

Course Coverage

  • Excel for Managers
  • Financial Modeling including DCF Method (04 Sectors)
  • Company Valuation ‰ÛÒ Relative Valuation Method (02 Sectors)
  • Company Profiling
  • Develop income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, debt schedules for different companies from different sectors
  • Conduct ratio analysis to gauge the performance of the firm
  • Prepare dynamic charts in Excel to make presentations
  • Project multi-year financial statements using industry techniques
  • Learn to calculate metrics such as NPV, IRR to check for project feasibility
  • Conduct sensitivity analysis, stress tests and dilution analysis to monitor the performance under different scenarios
  • Prepare dynamic models in Excel to look at outcomes for different arrangements with stakeholders
  • Understand and inculcate best practices from the industry to develop models
  • Use advanced tricks in Excel to make the model automated, robust and dynamic
  • Learn how to compare companies and value them through peer-to-peer analysis based on Relative Valuations
  • Understand and implement the concept of EV and its multiples
  • Get exposure to different styles of reporting in Indian and US-based companies; Form 10K, Form 10Q, Annual Report, CSR etc.
  • Learn the pros and cons of valuation techniques
  • Conduct rigorous financial analysis through ratios, debt schedules, scenarios etc.
  • Prepare insightful charts and graphs to gauge the performance of the project and compare across alternatives
  • Link the 3 statements using Excel to its full potential like a Pro
  • Have an On-the-job style training experience at home


Lectures 43 Lectures
Duration 20+ hours
Language English
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