ICAI Reforms : Students Protest #DearICAIPleaseChange

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Student Agitation : Praveen Sharma Sir Video Series

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ICAI Response to Students Protest 

  • ICAI : Evaluation of answer books of CA exams [21-09-2019] - Click Here
  • ICAI : Procedure and Process followed in Examination System - [24-09-2019] Click Here
  • ICAI : Robust Examination System of ICAI [25-09-2019] - Click Here
  • ICAI : ICAI : Constitution of High Level Independent Committee [26-09-2019] - Click Here

Video Messages by ICAI

President's address [24-09-2019]

Best Practices Followed in ICAI Examination [24-09-2019] ICAI Robust Examination System - Director BOS [25-09-2019]

ICAI Reforms : Video Messages By Faculties 

We Surrender COP For Reforms[24-09-19] - Vsmart Acamedy Protest Day 4 Updates - CA Bhanwar Borana [25-09-19] Update and Future Plans - CA Neeraj Arora [24-09-19]
New Notification and Protest Updates - CA Neeraj Arora [25-09-19] Updates For Tomorrow Actions Plans - CA Neeraj Arora [23-09-19] Waiting For You(Day 4) - CA Raj Kumar [25-09-19]
Reform Update - CA Raj Kumar [21-09-19] Kolkata Updates - CA Siddharth Agarwal [25-09-19] All Calcutta Teachers United For Students - CA Siddharth Agarwal [24-09-19]
ICAI Protest at EIRC - CA Siddharth Agarwal [23-09-19] ICAI Reform One Sided - CA Siddharth Agarwal [21-09-19] We are there for our students - SJC [24-09-19]

Student Protest Covered By Media 

The Quint The Lallantop NDTV INDIA
Indian Express Online  India Ahead News  Being CA 

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