MCQ for CA Final LAW - PART 1 - Corporate Laws - Section A - Company Law - Chapter 7 WINDING UP

Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Final - Paper 4 - Corporate and Economic Laws - PART 1 - Corporate Laws - Section A - Company Law - Chapter 7: WINDING UP - For Practice relevant for May/Nov 23 Examinations


Q:1 Where a petition for winding up is presented before the Tribunal by _________, such petition shall be admitted only if it is accompanied by a statement of affairs.   


  1. Any contributory of the company
  2. The company
  3. The Registrar
  4. The Central Government

Answer: 2

Q:2 A contributory shall be entitled to present the petition only if the shares were originally allotted to him or he has held his shares for at least _______ during the ______ immediately preceding the commencement of winding up or the shares have been devolved on him by reason of the death of a member.           


  1. 6 months; 18 months
  2. 6 months; 12 months
  3. 3 months; 18 months
  4. 3 months; 12 months

Answer: 1

Q:3 The Registrar shall not be entitled to present a petition for winding up on the ground that _____.


  1. The company has acted against the security of the country or public order or decency or morality, etc.
  2. The affairs of the company have been conducted fraudulently
  3. The company has not filed its financial statements or annual returns for immediately preceding 5 financial years
  4. The company has passed a special resolution

Answer: 4

Q:4 A copy of every petition made to the Tribunal for winding up of a company shall also be filed with shall submit his/its views to the Tribunal within ______ of receipt of such petition.             


  1. The Registrar; 60 days
  2. The Central Government; 60 days
  3. The Registrar; 30 days
  4. The Central Government; 60 days

Answer: 1

Q:5 The previous approval of the Central Government is required before a petition for winding up is made by the _________.      


  1. The company
  2. The Registrar
  3. Any contributory of the company
  4. Any of these

Answer: 2

Q:6 On receipt of a petition for winding up under section 272, the Tribunal shall pass its order within from the date of presentation of the petition.    


  1. 30 days
  2. 60 days
  3. 90 days
  4. 120 days

Answer: 3

Q:7 Winding up' means _____.               


  1. Winding up under the Companies Act, 2013
  2. Liquidation under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016
  3. Both (a) and (b)
  4. Winding up or liquidation or dissolution

Answer: 3

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