Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Intermediate - Paper 7 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - PART 2 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS - Chapter 1: AUTOMATED BUSINESS PROCESSES - For Practice relevant for Dec 22 and May/June 23 Examinations

Q:1 As the DXN Ltd. was implementing the automated processes for the first time, the consultant suggested not to automate all the processes at a time and automate only critical processes which would help the company to handle large volume of transactions. Which of the following business processes are not best suited to automation?

  1. Processes involving repetitive tasks
  2. Processes requiring employees to use personal judgment
  3. Time sensitive processes
  4. Processes having significant impact on other processes and systems

Answer: 2

Q:2 While understanding the criticality of various business processes of DXN Ltd., the consultant Mr. X documented the current processes and identified the processes that needed automation. However, documentation of existing processes does not help in _______.

  1. providing clarity on the process
  2. determining the sources of inefficiency, bottlenecks, and problems
  3. controlling resistance of employees to the acceptance of automated processes
  4. designing the process to focus on the desired result with workflow automation

Answer: 3

Q:3 When DXN Ltd. decided to adopt automation to support its critical business processes, it exposed itself to number of risks. One risk that the automated process could lead to breakdown in internal processes, people and systems is a type of _____.

  1. Operational Risk
  2. Financial Risk
  3. Strategic Risk
  4. Compliance Risk

Answer: 1

Q:4 Mr. X of DXN Ltd. prepared various flowcharts depicting how various processes should be performed after automation and submitted his report to the management. The flowcharting symbol that he used to depict processing step is ______.

  1. Rectangular Box
  2. Diamond
  3. Oval
  4. Line

Answer: 1

Q:5 Which of these is a systematic approach to improving the set of activities that will accomplish a specific organization goal?

  1. Enterprise Portfolio Management
  2. Business Process Management
  3. Enterprise risk Management
  4. Enterprise Information System

Answer: 1


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