Sample Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ's) for CA Intermediate - Paper 7 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - PART 2 - ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEMS - Chapter 2: FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS - For Practice relevant for Dec 22 and May/June 23 Examinations

Q:1 Imagine that you are core team member of DigisolutionPvt. Ltd. While customizing the Sales and Distribution Module of SAP software, you need to know the correct sequence of all the activities involved in the module Identify the correct option that reflects the correct sequence of the activities.

  1. Material Delivery
  2. Billing
  3. Pre-Sales Activities
  4. Sales Order
  5. Payments
  6. Inventory Sourcing

Choose the correct sequence from the following

  1. (iii) – (ii) – (iv) – (v)- (vi)
  2. (ii) – (iv)- (vi) – (iii) – (i) – (v)
  3. (iii)- (iv) – (vi)- (i) –(ii) – (v)
  4. (iv)- (i) – (iii), (v), (ii), (vi)

Answer: 3

Q:2 In preview of above situation, which of the following control can be helpful to management of XYZ publishing house to retain its employees and stopping them to leave the company?

  1. Training can be imparted to employees by skilled consultant.
  2. Allocation of employees to task matching their skill set, fixing of compensation package.
  3. Management should stop the implementation of ERP.
  4. Backup arrangement is required

Answer: 2

Q:3 The SAP software was successfully implemented by XYZ publication house after overcoming many challenges. The risk associated with “Patches and upgrades not installed and the tools being underutilized” belongs to __________ risk.

  1. Technological
  2. Implementation
  3. People
  4. Process

Answer: 1

Q:4 In purview of case scenario, Unique Services requires to make changes in its software for its users for RERA related matters. Identify the part of the overall software which actually interacts with the users using the software?

  1. Back end
  2. Front end
  3. Middle layer
  4. Reports

Answer: 2

Q:5 The firm decided to have an online assistant for its clients to provide complete details regarding taxation, registration and filling of various forms and solve their queries. This is an example of _________ application.

  1. Installed application
  2. Web Application
  3. Cloud Based Application
  4. Direct Application

Answer: 3

Q:6 While filling the tax for its client ABC, the firm Unique Services enters the detail of its TDS and GST in the requisite forms. Identify from the following which type of master data it belongs to?

  1. Accounting Master Data
  2. Inventory Master Data
  3. Statutory Master Data
  4. Payroll master Data

Answer:  3

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