Bank PO vs Bank Clerks - - An Overview

Most People compare Bank PO jobs with the bank Clerical jobs in order to get a very big perspective as to which one is better to be suited to the person in concern. Check on the differences below to help understand better in the concept:

As to be eligible to apply for the Bank PO, a candidate must:

  • have a degree in any discipline with 60 % or above.
  • The age limit of PO’s in most of the banks is in between 21-28 years.
The PO exam consists of questions that test the Quantitative Aptitude, General English Awareness. Also, the test will consist of Management Aptitude, Computer Awareness and Reasoning Ability.


As to be eligible to appear in a Clerical examination

  • Each and every candidate must successfully pass their +2 with more than 60% of marks.
  • The age of the candidate must be between 18 – 26 years in most of the banks.
  • Graduates can also apply.
The bank clerical examination evaluates the candidate's English Language Skills and Numerical Aptitude. The test will have questions on Clerical Aptitude and Reasoning Ability. The candidates selected in the examination is called upon for personnel interview and is selected for the job.


Key differences

  • For both Probationary Officer and Clerical post the candidates are taken in and are offered training for a fixed period of time. The main difference between the two posts is the type of work involved in each position.
  • A person joining as a clerk will have to do most of the clerical related jobs in a bank.
  • The Probationary Officer’s job is similar to a Manager Trainee position. For a PO the main qualities required are decision-making skills, leadership qualities, and intelligence to tackle different situations.



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