How much should you focus on NCERT for JEE Preparations

JEE Advanced is one of the toughest exams in India a student can give for admission to the prestigious IITs. Lacks of students prepare for this and competition is really high.

Talking about the exam it requires clear basic concepts in every subject, well u have to think out of the box for scoring a decent score.

Ncert is a good piece of the book for every engineering aspirant. It gives you the basic knowledge and some good one about the three subjects PCM. BUT if you're considering Jee advance I think it is not sufficient.

For JEE Mains, NCERT is well good and more or less sufficient but JEE advance requires far more deep knowledge about these subjects which you can get by going through different books. So don't just be dependent on Ncert as you need to be a lot more strong for jee advance.

However, you should look into the following things before you actually of keeping the NCERT Syllabus in mind:

  1. NCERT is very crucial, especially for Chemistry. Read NCERT religiously and do not neglect its exercises as most of the students do keep thinking “NCERT has easy questions, they are board types, not JEE types”. Do NCERT exemplar as well if you can.
  2. If you are in some coaching then they will prepare you for category 3 questions. If you are not in any coaching, You can also use standard books for JEE.
  3. The icing on the cake is that you won’t have to put extra effort into board exams if you follow points 1 and 2. Just solve previous year papers and go for the board exams.
  4. Do give as many mock tests as you can. They are really very important.
  5. Remember that reading NCERT casually won’t help much. Practice as much as you can.



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