How should you go about with solving the JEE based Question Banks ?

Most People come across thoughts as to at which point a student could actually decide on going about a time period when he or she can actually begin to practice the question papers of the previous years in order to be better efficient while preparing for the JEE or other Engineering based competitive examinations. 

There is a method of preparation for IIT JEE, although can be debatable. In this method, there is one step of assessment. In that step, you can utilize these question papers. It will give you an exact IIT exam experience..


How to go about it then?

Assessing your own strengths and weaknesses

Take a topic wise test and check your strengths and weaknesses.

Now prepare a plan of revision of all topics on the basis of science of forgetting. Once you learn something you start forgetting. But when you revise it with in a week, your forgetting tendency reduce. Next revise the same after a month. After this, you will only need to revise during exam only.

Revise according to crystal and diamond models of revision.These are latest models which will help in building complex problem solving capability.

Taking a cue

Take a benefit from most recent versions and confine your question practice to the books and coaching institute study material as most of these material has all the important questions from previous JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams.

Since you are aiming JEE for the year 2020, it is better if you prepare online as JEE Advanced is online from this session and JEE Main may be online from the next session. Moreover, BITSAT is already online.

You should look for good JEE practice resources that can enable you to practice in a simulated environment which is very close to actual test setting. A close look at the ‘JEE rank’ versus ‘marks obtained’ yields that losing out a single mark can lead to a considerable downfall in the rank obtained. Based on the marks scored by top 500 rankers in JEE, hitting or missing the bull’s eye can lead to a +5 or -5 marks effect in the JEE rank. This effect would be further enhanced from this year as the negative marking has been increased to +2 or -2 making the correct and incorrect attempts rewarding or costing you +6 or -6 respectively. Similarly, a single mark can make a difference of 20 ranks in 500-1000 rank category, 40 ranks in 1000-2000 rank category, and 80 ranks in 2000-5000 rank categories.

Balancing the cut-off in various subjects is of utmost importance as it has been there since the start. JEE is a highly selective exam and qualifying the exam requires passing the cut-off score in all the subjects.


Be sure of the Material you have

If you are preparing for JEE 2020 you have less than a year. And the book you are talking is concept booster.

First study and clearly your base well. All the formulas should be on finger tips. Theoretical part should also be cleared fully.

Around December 2019 you should start practicing from that book and if you maintain a good speed you may complete it till January 1st week maximum time.

And then you can start practicing from it again. Its a very good book. When you first time start practicing make and mark important question that you are not getting. When second time you take on that book again focus on them again. It would be helpful for you.


Moreover you can check onto the question banks available in the link below:

JEE and Other Examinations Test Series



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